The sandwich from heaven can be found at The Waffle in Hollywood, CA. OMG. Two pieces of delicious waffle with smoked applewood bacon baked inside and, yes, that is a fried chicken breast with cheddar cheese on top. If this place wasn’t named The Waffle, I would say the waffle fries are overkill. But when in Rome…

I think that I love this sandwich so much because it combines two foods that have long gotten the “huh” stare — that’s right — Chicken n’ Waffles. No, I am not a crazy pregnant lady. It’s good. Trust me. Who ever thought that putting fried chicken and waffles together was either 1) on my favorite substance or 2) an absolute genius (and quite possibly, both.) The sweet and the salty, with the fried breading and the syrupy gooey goodness. I’ll stop now.

The combination is tried and true — Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles and Ho Chi Wa of Oakland prove that to be so. And now I add The Waffle to that proud list.

Even though I was a bit “difficult” in getting here, I am glad Jean was able to wrangle me into going to try this wonderful delight. Like she really had to twist my arm THAT hard :)

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