It is a dark and stormy day in San Francisco, the kind where you get frozen face walking two blocks to get a decent breakfast. It’s cold up in this City and winter doesn’t seem to want to release its grip yet. Heaven for snow lovers, hell for sun worshipers. I wasn’t even expecting the rain – good thing I looked outside before I ventured. If it was anything like this past week, it should’ve been sunny at 70’s. What’s up Mother Nature? Mood swing much?

So from a lazy Sunday afternoon, a few random musings that will hopefully calm my brain after three cups of coffee …

  • Even after waiting 15 minutes for the rain to die down before I left the house, it was still coming down in buckets. But I could wait no longer. I must eat. Or The Incredible Hulk aka Hangry Angelee will rear its not so pretty head. So I grab my umbrella and head to Chloe’s Cafe. No turning back now, my brunch buddy is waiting. After a very wet three blocks and a little wait we are sitting inside, dry, with coffee in the cutest polka dot mug and all the delicious possibilities in front of me. After much debating and vacillating and wanting to order everything on the entire menu (my usual M.O.) my friend decides on the banana walnut pancakes and I get the ham, cheddar and mushroom scramble with walnut wheat toast. The coffee kept coming and the catching up on each other lives always entertaining — a great little find in Noe Valley. Next time I return, I think I am going to take advantage of a random weekday, sit with a book and be one of those people who I usually am so jealous of as I pass by on the MUNI train.
  • I leave for Coachella/Japan in 4 days. O.M.G. I am getting a little nervous just because there seems like there are a million things to take care of – I have them under control and as soon as things are picked up, mailed, etc. my To Do list will seriously die down. But then on to the dreaded packing. Plus we still have some accommodations and planning to take care of. The first couple of days in Kyoto/ Osaka/ Kobe are pretty set and we have places to stay, we need to figure out Tokyo plans. We are going to be roaming that city for 5 days, we should definitely have a plan of attack (and a place to stay!). All in all, plans should fall together soon, and then it’ll just be a matter of time before we are on the plane to Tokyo. Which reminds me, I need to find some sleeping aids, or maybe some dog Xanax. Hah.
  • I still have no idea what I’m going to do when I return from Japan. It’ll be a new month of rent in May, so I can really move out or sublet, but I should really think about what my next moves are. If I need to save money and budget and be all adultresponsible, then I should really start looking for a job right when I get back. But there is such this wanderlust in me right now that I feel like I need to take advantage of my newfound freedom and travel all over this planet while I still have the chance and am not chained down to some crazy career type job. Where to go though? Anywhere where there’s a couch I can sleep on! Hawaii. New York. India. Boston. Chicago. Paris. London. The possibilities are endless!
  • I have an addiction to the shows such as Hoarders and Intervention, and I think I am learning a lot about myself and the human condition through these shows. Crazy, I know. Seriosuly, though, it has made me think about cleaning up my mess and maybe even making a few bucks of it. Think of the $$ and the good karma. Worth a shot, right?
  • I really wish it weren’t so cold outside. Summer I am ready for you!

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