I am going to Los Angeles, California – a city with significance to me on many levels. Not only was it my home for 15 years, but it’s sole existance is the reason I was the saved the fate of being named Strawberry Field and am instead named Angelee Field. Were it not for that fine city, my parents would never have gotten it on and conceived lil ole me :)

I will be visiting Jean, one of (what seems like) two readers of this blog. I will also be attending the Coachella Valley Music Festival in Indio, California – a three-day concert in the desert that I attend every year with friends. Should be a grand time. I am also getting out of this godforsaken place called San Francisco for a few days. Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live, but I don’t know how people can go whole spans of time without ever leaving places like Manhattan or SF. I need a change of scenery.

If you’re in LA … you know how to get a hold of me!

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