Happy April Fool’s Day!

Testing. Testing. Is this thing still on?

I guess so, since I just paid $10 to GoDaddy.com to renew the rights to my website. Guess I should make better use of it. Don’t worry, this post is not a cruel April Fool’s Joke. I am renewing my online gusto and am going to give this blogging thing a second chance. Hopefully I will find tons of things to blog about, since I have ALL this time on my hands now.

So stay tuned for (hopefully) many many more musing from me. I do hope that this blog will be a place for ideas, innovation and inspirations through my everyday experiences. I do not want this blog to turn into a “I’m a late-20-something-knocking-on-30’s-door” emo piece. Here’s to hoping. Happy reading!

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