Back After All This Time

I recently decided to resurrect this site, mostly because my namesake site should have good representation on the Web. But also because I work in tech and should be able to handle something like a personal blog!

As I was porting over my old blog posts (as few as there were), I saw themes and patterns emerging. Mostly that I was in a constant state of feeling disorganized and wanting to better myself. While those are not entirely bad things, it does make me wonder why not much in my life has changed.

Yes, in many ways, close to 5 years later, I am still focused on these things. Sure, there have been distractions large and small that have taken me away from my goals. But overall, I’ve just put a band-aid on a lot of the larger goals of decluttering and organization.

So I here I am again, writing about my crazy goals. This time, I’m hoping things will actually get done. A lot has changed since I last wrote in this blog. Mostly that I live in a significantly smaller space than I once did.

Another thing that has changed in my mentality towards “things” and “stuff”. Not to say that I was a hoarder, and it’s even a stretch to say I have hoarder-like tendencies, but I would definitely count myself as a packrat. I like order and cleanliness, but I also have unusual sentimental attachments to stuff. It’s weird, and I can think of some reasons why I have this in me, but it’s definitely something I’ve tried to actively change.

But why? Mainly because I don’t want to go through life bogged down by this stuff. There is a certain freedom in not being attached to material things. I’m not saying that I need to forgo all material possessions, but the choosier I am with what I purchase and decide to keep, the more valuable and memorable it will be for me.

This seems all very idealistic, and we’ll see how far I get. But slowly and surely, I’m going to try my best to make good on this goal.

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